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Do you see this guy? His name is Nino and he's one of the characters from ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Dude looks like someone in his late 20s to early 30s right? Wrong! Based on what I calculated, he's at least 40 years old. I could not believe my eyes when I found after watching episode 8 of ACCA yesterday and again today. Turns out he's older than Jean by at least 10 years. (Someone on Tumblr mentioned that Jean's age could be at least 30 years old.)

To sum things up, episode 8 was basically a flashback episode that sort revealed a lot of what is going on in the show. In one scene, Nino's fathers happily says that Jean is about to start high school. Long story short, Nino's father says he has a mission for his son. Nino is going to high school to keep an eye on Jean under the guise of high school photography club (or was it yearbook???). Anyways, Nino shows some skeptism and says, "But dad, I'm 25 years old." or something along those lines. Viewers are given the fact that Nino is the older friend.

On another note, the reason why I estimated Nino's age to 40 years old because, in another episode Jean I believe, mentioned how they knew each other for 15 years. So I just added 25+15 = 40. Honestly, there's no official info on any of character's ages as of yet. 

Honestly, this post is just about me being shocked. Shocked at how young Nino looks and good golly! He looks great for someone who's possibly 40-something! There's only one answer to all of this. Nino found the fountain of youth and that's why he looks young all the time.

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