May. 23rd, 2017

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 I know for a fact that nobody is going to read my blog and I'm totally OK with that. I guess this is just more of an update post. 

So here we go. I got a new job and now I live in another city. I've been very busy training these past few weeks at my new job and everything is very new to me.

These days, I'm hardly on Tumblr and more on Twitter. On the bright side though I'm writing a lot more stories so that's a plus!

In regards to anime series I'm watching it's the usual, slowly rewatching Bleach and Yu-Gi-Oh! and pretty much watching whatever this Spring Season. Speaking of which, hopefully I find time to write about The Royal Tutor a super cute series.

Take care and I'm out!


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About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Dreamwidth blog, Hisana. Here, I'll post thoughts/reactions to anime series I watch and maybe post fan fiction ideas too.

Occasionally, you might see some personal posts tagged under "My Life As Told by Josephine". Those posts are just random posts containing things I talk about from life. It's nothing too personal if anyone's wondering.

Anyway's whoever stumbles upon this blog/journal, hope you enjoy it! ^^

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